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Petrus Jacobus Maria Wiegman artwork • prints & multiples • for sale The Royal harmony of Thorn

Petrus Jacobus Maria Wiegman

The Royal harmony of Thorn
woodcut 33.0 x 53.5 cm, signed u.r. with initials in the bloc and executed ca. 1925

Price: € 1,250

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    Provenance: part. coll. Bergen (N.H.).
    Literature: Piet Spijk, Dorris Kuyken-Schneider, Cootje Buisman, 'Piet Wiegman (1885-1963). Schilder van de Bergense School, graficus - ceramist - poppensnijder', Alkmaar z.j., pag. 118 (met afb. van een ander exemplaar) en pag. 263, G 24.

    Piet Wiegman was son of the painter and illustrator Jan Wiegman and nephew of the Bergen School painters Piet and Matthieu Wiegman. When he was twenty-three, he had lessons from H.F. Boot and P.Kloes. Later he became less figurative and now mainly paints in an Abstract Expressionist style.

    Petrus Jacobus Maria Wiegman | Bulb fields, oil on board, 29.4 x 39.3 cm, signed l.l.

    Petrus Jacobus Maria Wiegman

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    Bulb fields

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