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René Georges Hermann-Paul artwork • painting • previously for sale Canal, Venice

Hermann-Paul R.G.  | René Georges Hermann-Paul, Canal, Venice, oil on panel 20.2 x 10.1 cm

René Georges Hermann-Paul

Canal, Venice
oil on panel 20.2 x 10.1 cm

This painting was previously for sale.

René Georges Hermann-Paul was one of the famous painters of the Belle Epoque in Paris. Around 1890 he became known as an illustrator, whose work appeared in numerous literary publications and weeklies. In addition, he also made free work. In countless watercolours, drawings, pastels and oil paintings, he gives subtle, accurate descriptions of the Parisians, rich or poor, with extra attention to the typical habits of the bourgeoisie. Around 1900 he also painted 'intimist' interiors, which were exhibited alongside work by Vuillard and Matisse. After the First World War, which he documented in countless watercolours and drawings, he also started making woodcuts and book illustrations. As a lithographer Hermann-Paul was one of the founders of the poster, for which he made many beautiful designs.

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