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Walter Vaes artwork • painting • for sale Fish on a tin plate

Walter Vaes

Fish on a tin plate
oil on canvas 40.1 x 45.1 cm, signed l.r.

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 10,800

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    Provenance: Kunsthandel M.L. de Boer, Amsterdam, 5673.

    Walter Vaes was born in Antwerp but had a wealth of contacts in Holland. During the First World War he took refuge in Veere, where he painted landscapes and his first still lifes of flowers and animals. His impartial studies of nature and impressionistic brushwork were novel in his day, and people admired his lush, saturated colours, seeing them as emotions expressed in ‘the song of colour’. In the course of his life Vaes also took trips to Venice and the Middle East and painted the landscapes there.

    Walter Vaes | Anemones, oil on canvas, 35.2 x 37.8 cm, signed l.r.

    Walter Vaes

    painting • for sale


    Walter Vaes | Still life with flowers, oil on canvas, 67.9 x 54.5 cm, signed l.r.

    Walter Vaes

    painting • for sale

    Still life with flowers

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