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Willem de Klerk artwork • painting • for sale Land folk on a wooded path near a church

Willem de Klerk

Land folk on a wooded path near a church
oil on canvas 56.4 x 71.5 cm, signed l.c.

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 7,500

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    #Willem de Klerk #paintings#Dutch Romanticism #Romanticism #forest landscape #landscape 
    Provenance: Simonis & Buunk Kunsthandel, Ede, 1996; part. bezit Duitsland.

    The born and raised Dordrecht painter Willem de Klerk was born in 1800. His most important teacher was the landscape painter Adrianus van der Koogh (1796-1831). Together they were members of the Pictura drawing society. He is known for his paintings of landscapes with streams in which rural people and cattle figure. He painted Dutch cloudy skies in a striking way. The Dordrechts Museum notes that in his later landscapes the influence of Barend Cornelis Koekkoek is visible, as a result of which De Klerk has been referred to as the 'Dordtse Koekkoek'.

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