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Willem Hendrik Schmidt artwork • painting • for sale Sharing the last piece of bread

Schmidt W.H.  | Willem Hendrik Schmidt | Paintings offered for sale | Sharing the last piece of bread, oil on panel 35.8 x 42.1 cm

Willem Hendrik Schmidt

Sharing the last piece of bread
oil on panel 35.8 x 42.1 cm

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 1,800

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    #Willem Hendrik Schmidt #paintings#Dutch Romanticism #Romanticism #family #genre 
    Literature: Joop van Roekel, 'Pictura's schilderwedstrijd van 1848: Moeders laatste bete broods', 'Stad & Lande' 2(2017), pag. 31-32 (met afb. in kleur).

    W.H. Schmidt mainly formed himself. He was also a student of the Rotterdam Teekenacademie 'Hierdoor tot Hooger', where his entries were awarded several times. Initially, Schmidt worked in his father's business, but in 1835 he devoted himself entirely to painting. As early as 1837 he was appointed a member of the Royal Academy in Amsterdam. Schmidt was a genre and history painter and later devoted himself increasingly to portraiture. He also proved to be a creditable watercolourist and lithographer. Sometimes he upholstered the cityscapes and church interiors of Bernardus van de Laar. Schmidt taught, among others, Christoffel Bisschop and Johannes Tavenraat.

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