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Willem Hussem artwork • painting • for sale Composition

Willem Hussem

oil on canvas 50.7 x 60.6 cm, signed l.c. with initials and dated '66

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 9,500

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    The Hague artist Willem Hussem initially painted naturalist landscapes and still lifes, During an extended stay in France, from 1933 to 1936, he met Picasso and became acquainted with indigenous art, the influences of which are visible in his work from about 1940 on. It was from the same period that his work is marked by abstraction and experimentation. During the fifties calligraphy became a major inspirational source for the painter. This led initially to all kinds of expressive forms and later, in the sixties, to balanced compositions of lines, colours and forms against a monochrome background. In 1949, as a Hague painter, Hussem joined the Amsterdam artists’ society Vrij Beelden (Free Images), which in 1955 became Liga Nieuw Beelden (New Images Alliance). In 1960 he joined the Hague painting group Fugare, whose members were against the ‘arbitrary’ aspect of Abstract Expressionism as practised, for instance, by the Cobra group. Artistically speaking, Hussem’s most productive years were the late nineteen fifties and early sixties.

    Willem Hussem | Composition, oil on canvas, 113.0 x 130.0 cm, signed on the reverse and dated '58 on the reverse

    Willem Hussem

    painting • for sale

    Composition, 1958

    Willem Hussem | Composition 1959, oil on canvas, 80.4 x 100.2 cm, signed on the reverse and dated '59 on the reverse

    Willem Hussem

    painting • for sale

    Composition 1959, 1959

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