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Wout Schram artwork • painting • previously for sale Still life with fruit

Schram W.J.B.A.  | Wouter Jorinus Bernardus Antonius 'Wout' Schram, Still life with fruit, oil on canvas 75.3 x 90.1 cm, signed u.r.

Wout Schram

Still life with fruit
oil on canvas 75.3 x 90.1 cm, signed u.r.

This painting was previously for sale.

Wout Schram work falls under the category of New Realism. The painters who belonged to this movement strived after a reality that was depicted as objectively as possible. His still lifes and portraits are characterised by a well-considered placing of the objects in relation to each other and by an unnatural looking high viewpoint so that the forms overlap as little as possible. The painter was born in Amsterdam and attended the city’s Rijksacademie. In 1952 he moved to Laren.

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