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Around June 21, the sun passes the Tropic of Cancer and summer starts here. There is then a period of heat, lots of sunlight and long days. Nature is in full bloom in the first summer months, people go to the beach or take to the water.

There is sailing, swimming, fishing, strolling on terraces or lounging in the garden. And no vacation is as long as the summer vacation. Summer therefore seems to be the perfect time for blissful idleness, or dolce far niente. For many painters, summer is the ideal time to work outside. They are less affected by a rain shower. And they can sketch or paint for many hours at a time until they return home hungry, thirsty and satisfied. The Impressionists in particular find the sunlight effects and colors they seek for their landscapes, beach or cityscapes on summer days. Also among their predecessors of the Hague School, who mainly strived to depict a mood in nature, there is now and then already attention for the representation of strong light reflections. Willem Maris, also called the "impressionist of the Hague School", was a master at this. In his watercolor Ducks on the Grass, we see how he lets a tingling sunlight play over the grass and the ducks' backs.

But it is the Impressionists who, as light artists, are able to really make us feel the warmth of summer. Like J.B. Jongkind with his sailing ship with flapping sails on still water. Or Evert Pieters in his summer painting In the garden, with two women in - presumably - his own garden in Blaricum. Jan Voerman paints in Wadend cattle Ice cows that seek coolness in the river in the hazy light of the early morning. In shades of tar blue, bright green, gray and lots of white, together with the transparency of the watercolor technique, the impression is given of the beginning of a very warm summer day, perhaps during the dog days.

The ultimate representation of summer is the beach scene. Who doesn't enjoy sunbathing or lounging on the sand overlooking the sea? The beach with its bathers is therefore a popular subject for painters. On the beach views of Louis Soonius and Johan Antoni de Jonge, we see children in summer outfits working with shovels, sand and water. The versatile Isaac Israels paints Scheveningen mundane beach life in many guises; from a boy posing in the surf to lively beach entertainment. His A busy day on the beach of Scheveningen is depicted in fast, nervous lines, the figures sometimes no more than a few spots of color.

More and more often than the Dutch painters in summer go to southern France and Italy, where the light is more intense and the colors brighter. Despite their often tight budget, they know where to find the most beautiful places for their landscapes, beaches and secluded bays. Just like their French colleagues, by the way. Israels can often be found in Viareggio, Willem Dooijewaard paints Nice, David Abraham Bueno de Mesquita visits Sestri Levante on the Ligurian coast and will remain in Italy for the rest of his life. The Netherlands is too simple in color, it sounded.

But despite the fact that they gradually detach themselves more and more from detailed representation of reality and work towards converting impressions into color, cheerful, sunny images remain part of the jargon of painters. Because they know, like many artists before and after them: people in the summer, who fish, or lounge, enjoy on the beach or in the garden, on the kayak pier or the terrace, bring a cheerful mood and pleasant paintings.


Hendrik Pieter Koekkoek | Farmer's wife and dog on wooded country path, oil on canvas, 61.0 x 50.7 cm, signed l.c.

Hendrik Pieter Koekkoek

painting • for sale

Farmer's wife and dog on wooded country path

Herman Gouwe | Landscape at sunrise, oil on canvas, 79.8 x 99.5 cm, signed l.r. and dated 1914

Herman Gouwe

painting • for sale

Landscape at sunrise

Herman Gouwe | Panoramic landscape with haystacks, oil on canvas, 22.3 x 45.5 cm, signed l.r. and dated '14

Herman Gouwe

painting • for sale

Panoramic landscape with haystacks

Jannes de Vries | Farmyard with hay shards, oil on canvas, 60.4 x 70.8 cm, signed on the reverse with monogram

Jannes de Vries

painting • for sale

Farmyard with hay shards

Johan Dijkstra | Near Maarhuizen, Groningen, oil on canvas, 60.3 x 100.3 cm, signed l.l.

Johan Dijkstra

painting • for sale

Near Maarhuizen, Groningen

Ferdinand Hart Nibbrig | Gleaner working the field, oil on canvas, 39.2 x 60.4 cm

Ferdinand Hart Nibbrig

painting • for sale

Gleaner working the field

Johan Barthold Jongkind | Dutch village 'après Vertin', oil on panel, 18.9 x 24.1 cm, signed l.c. and dated 1888

Johan Barthold Jongkind

painting • for sale

Dutch village 'après Vertin'

Petrus Gerardus Vertin | Sunny city canal, the Alkmaar Waagtoren in the background, oil on panel, 22.7 x 19.4 cm, signed l.r. and dated 1881 on the reverse

Petrus Gerardus Vertin

painting • for sale

Sunny city canal, the Alkmaar Waagtoren in the background

Barend Cornelis Koekkoek | River valley in summer, oil on canvas, 46.5 x 58.5 cm, signed l.r. and painted ca. 1828

Barend Cornelis Koekkoek

painting • for sale

River valley in summer

Barend Cornelis Koekkoek | Forest view with cattle, oil on panel, 69.1 x 90.2 cm, signed l.r. and dated 1853

Barend Cornelis Koekkoek

painting • for sale

Forest view with cattle

Johannes Franciscus Spohler | Daily activities in a sunlit street, oil on canvas, 44.3 x 35.3 cm, signed l.r.

Johannes Franciscus Spohler

painting • for sale

Daily activities in a sunlit street

Willem Koekkoek | Sunny village street with figures, oil on panel, 28.7 x 35.7 cm, signed l.r. and dated 1861

Willem Koekkoek

painting • for sale

Sunny village street with figures

Jan Altink | View between trees, chalk on paper, 12.6 x 20.1 cm, signed l.r. with initials

Jan Altink

watercolour • drawing • for sale

View between trees

Jan Zoetelief Tromp | Children playing in the meadow, oil on panel, 18.9 x 26.6 cm, signed l.l.

Jan Zoetelief Tromp

painting • for sale

Children playing in the meadow

Fernand Toussaint | A walk in the garden, oil on canvas laid down on board, 29.3 x 42.3 cm

Fernand Toussaint

painting • for sale

A walk in the garden

Joh Elsinga | Harvest time, oil on canvas, 46.1 x 56.1 cm, signed l.l. and dated Aug 1942

Joh Elsinga

painting • for sale

Harvest time

Henk Gorter | Dream landscape with horses, oil on canvas, 79.5 x 64.4 cm, signed l.l.

Henk Gorter

painting • for sale

Dream landscape with horses

Frederik Roosdorp | Sunny cityscape with the Old Church of Delft, oil on canvas, 29.2 x 40.0 cm, signed with initials on the reverse

Frederik Roosdorp

painting • for sale

Sunny cityscape with the Old Church of Delft

Willy Martens | Young peasant woman in a vegetable garden, watercolour on paper, 18.5 x 13.5 cm, signed l.r.

Willy Martens

watercolour • drawing • for sale

Young peasant woman in a vegetable garden

Eugène Brands | Tuin in de zomer (Garden in summer), oil on paper, 50.4 x 54.4 cm, signed l.l. and dated 1961

Eugène Brands

painting • for sale

Tuin in de zomer (Garden in summer)

Jacobus van der Stok | Summer village on a river, oil on panel, 21.1 x 28.1 cm

Jacobus van der Stok

painting • for sale

Summer village on a river

Adrianus Eversen | Sonnige Straße mit Figuren, oil on panel, 19.1 x 14.5 cm, signed l.l. with monogram

Adrianus Eversen

painting • for sale

Sonnige Straße mit Figuren

Lucien Frank | Printemps (Spring), oil on panel, 23.9 x 32.6 cm, signed l.l.

Lucien Frank

painting • for sale

Printemps (Spring)

Daan Mühlhaus | Still life with summer flowers and pears, oil on canvas, 80.5 x 100.5 cm, signed l.l.

Daan Mühlhaus

painting • for sale

Still life with summer flowers and pears

Simon Steenmeijer | Blankeweer house, chalk and watercolour on paper, 54.8 x 37.6 cm, painted ca. 1955

Simon Steenmeijer

watercolour • drawing • for sale

Blankeweer house

Simon Steenmeijer | Country road, Groningen, crayon and watercolour on paper, 54.8 x 37.6 cm, signed l.r. with monogram

Simon Steenmeijer

watercolour • drawing • for sale

Country road, Groningen

Siep van den Berg | Country road between wheat fields, Zuidlaren, oil on canvas, 50.2 x 70.3 cm, signed l.r. and dated '44

Siep van den Berg

painting • for sale

Country road between wheat fields, Zuidlaren

Victor Gilsoul | Terrace on the water, oil on canvas, 32.0 x 40.1 cm, signed l.l.

Victor Gilsoul

painting • for sale

Terrace on the water