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Adriaan Keus artwork • painting • for sale Bulb field behind the dunes at Overveen

Adriaan Keus

Bulb field behind the dunes at Overveen
oil on panel 30.0 x 49.6 cm, signed l.l. and dated '38

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 2,700

A 'great heap', a reed shell, was regularly seen in bulb paintings, piled up in a corner of the country. The reed was used three times. To prevent frost damage, the young planted bulbous plants were covered with it in the autumn. In the spring the reed was collected again and piled up in a shelve and covered with a new layer of reed to prevent rain and rotting. The bottom ten to thirty centimeters that remained for years were called 'poker'. The reed was usually of lesser quality. The first quality was – and still is – used for roofing. From the 1970s, people switched to straw made from wheat or barley to cover the bulbs, and the reed shells have disappeared from the bulb landscape.

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