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Arie Zwart artwork • painting • previously for sale A polder landscape, Noorden

Zwart A.J.  | Adrianus Johannes 'Arie' Zwart, A polder landscape, Noorden, oil on canvas 45.5 x 80.2 cm, signed l.r. and on the reverse

Arie Zwart

A polder landscape, Noorden
oil on canvas 45.5 x 80.2 cm, signed l.r. and on the reverse

This painting was previously for sale.

Provenance: Passage Kunsthandel, Den Haag.

The extensive oeuvre of Arie Zwart is almost entirely painted in the impressionist style that was developed by the painters of the Hague School. Light and mood play an important role in this. The same applies to his subjects: landscapes, farms, lakes and still lifes. The painter did not commit himself to a specific region and preferred to travel: in the 1930s with a caravan through Brabant and Gelderland and between 1936 and 1974 with a houseboat through Overijssel and North and South Holland. He then moored in Woerden. In between, he made trips to Spain, Portugal and southern France. Zwart's early work is quite dark in tone. Around 1940 he switched to a lighter palette.

Arie Zwart | A summer day in the country, oil on canvas laid down on panel, 58.6 x 48.6 cm, signed l.l.

Arie Zwart

painting • for sale

A summer day in the country

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