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César Domela artwork • watercolour • drawing • for sale Complémentaires

César Domela

gouache on paper 66.6 x 50.9 cm, signed l.c. and dated 1956 l.c. and on the reverse

This work on paper is for sale.

Price: € 6,500

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    Provenance: rechtstreeks gekocht van de kunstenaar door de tante van de vorige eigenaar (part. bezit Groot-Brittannië).

    Apart from early Expressionist work, Cesar Domela, after 1923, devoted himself exclusively to abstract art. He is largely known for his Constructivist compositions (paintings, photomontages, collages and objects). In the 1920s he was influenced by Cubism, was a member of De Stijl and lived in Berlin from 1927 to 1933, where he came into contact with the Bauhaus. After 1933 he continued to live in Paris, becoming a major promoter of abstract-geometric art. From 1929 on he chiefly made reliefs, which he called ‘Tableaux-objets’, comprising different materials placed over each other. One of the guiding principles in his stylistic highly consistent oeuvre was the ‘harmonisation of contrasts’.

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