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Gé Röling artwork • painting • previously for sale Café dansant

Röling G.V.A.  | Gerard Victor Alphons Röling, Café dansant, oil on canvas 60.1 x 50.5 cm, signed l.l. and dated '25

Gé Röling

Café dansant
oil on canvas 60.1 x 50.5 cm, signed l.l. and dated '25

This painting was previously for sale.

Gé Röling’s work belongs to Nieuwe Zakelijkheid (New Objectivity), a movement that emerged in painting in the mid-twenties and was influential until abstract art became mainstream after 1945. The Nieuwe Zakelijkheid painters aimed to portray an image of reality based on precise observation and objective analysis. Favourite subject matters were still lifes of everyday artefacts in well-considered compositions. Röling’s kitchen pieces and still lifes are characterised by bright, fresh colours and great attention to detail. The painter strived after perfect texture, which he tried to achieve, among others, by making his own paint based on centuries’ old methods of preparation.

Gé Röling | A salmon head on a plate, oil on board, 25.1 x 30.3 cm, signed upper centre with initials and in full reverse and dated '52 and 1952 on the reverse

Gé Röling

painting • for sale

A salmon head on a plate

Gé Röling | A still life with watermelon, oil on board, 22.7 x 26.4 cm, signed l.r. with initials and dated '45

Gé Röling

painting • for sale

A still life with watermelon

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