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Hendrik Gerrit ten Cate artwork • painting • for sale Skaters in a snowy winterlandscape

Hendrik Gerrit ten Cate

Skaters in a snowy winterlandscape
oil on panel 25.8 x 31.9 cm, signed l.r.

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 4,500

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    #Hendrik Gerrit ten Cate #paintings#Dutch Romanticism #Romanticism #icescape 
    Provenance: part. bezit Duitsland.

    Hendrik Gerrit ten Cate became best known as a painter of moonlit cityscapes, a genre that was extremely popular among romantic collectors in the 19th century. He also made portraits, flower still lifes and summer and winter landscapes. His Dutch icescapes, finely worked out and furnished with numerous figures, were also very popular.

    Hendrik Gerrit ten Cate | Moored sailing vessels by moonlight, oil on panel, 25.1 x 32.0 cm

    Hendrik Gerrit ten Cate

    painting • for sale

    Moored sailing vessels by moonlight

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