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Herman Moerkerk artwork • painting • for sale St. Nicolaas market, Den Bosch

Herman Moerkerk

St. Nicolaas market, Den Bosch
oil on canvas 80.7 x 100.7 cm, signed l.r.

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 10,000

Herman Moerkerk lived and worked most of his life in 's-Hertogenbosch. In addition to being an artist, he was also active in cultural life as an art critic, director, and he designed costumes for revues and allegorical parades. As a draftsman, he gained fame primarily for his caricatures. In 1928 Moerkerk moved to Haarlem for a job as a publisher / illustrator with the Catholic Illustration. During that period he continued to provide artistic support for Bossche events and also gained national fame with his work. Moerkerk painted excellent portraits, still lifes, Brabant interiors and village and city views and was a witty illustrator. He also drew caricatures of Bossche citizens and Brabant folk types.

Herman Moerkerk | Going for a stroll, ink and watercolour on paper, 19.5 x 13.9 cm, signed l.r.

Herman Moerkerk

watercolour • drawing • for sale

Going for a stroll

Herman Moerkerk | Still life with a hydrochloric acid glass bottle, oil on canvas, 100.1 x 80.8 cm, signed u.l.

Herman Moerkerk

painting • for sale

Still life with a hydrochloric acid glass bottle

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