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Hermanus Willem Koekkoek artwork • painting • for sale Prussian cavalrymen on horseback

Hermanus Willem Koekkoek

Prussian cavalrymen on horseback
oil on canvas 40.3 x 60.4 cm, signed l.r. and painted in 1890

This painting is for sale.

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    #Hermanus Willem Koekkoek #paintings#Dutch Romanticism #Romanticism #genre #soldier 
    Exhibited: Kleef, Duitsland, Museum B.C. Koekkoek-Haus, 'Herman Willem Koekkoek (1869-1929). Schilder en illustrator van oorlog en vrede', 10 maart-30 juni 2019.

    Hermanus Willem Koekkoek painted his Cavalrymen on horseback in 1890. Nicolaas van der Waay's Cavalrymen and ladies on the dune around 1905. The two paintings illustrate the great artistic changes that took place in the art world at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Koekkoek, educated in the romantic tradition, makes it a point to depict his soldiers in as much detail as possible. Their part and rank are recognizable by colours, uniform and headgear. It is known that the painter always carried out thorough research into military clothing and weapons prior to his paintings, and so it can be established that these are Prussian cavalrymen on patrol. Koekkoek, who lived in London for four years from 1887 and returned there after 1901, had become famous there with depictions of the Boer War and the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871). And although the soldiers are often busy with serious matters, the performances sometimes have a humorous undertone.

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