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Jean-Jacques Gailliard artwork • painting • for sale Mill in Flanders

Gailliard J.J.  | Jean-Jacques Gailliard | Paintings offered for sale | Mill in Flanders, oil on canvas laid down on panel 43.5 x 32.1 cm, signed l.l.

Jean-Jacques Gailliard

Mill in Flanders
oil on canvas laid down on panel 43.5 x 32.1 cm, signed l.l.

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 4,800

Provenance: Kunsthandel Jan Juffermans, Utrecht, aldaar in 1998 verworven voor de collectie Douwe Egberts.

This painter, draftsman and graphic artist, son of the luminist painter Franz Gailliard, was educated at the Brussels academy. Initially he painted impressionistically. After that, Gailliard went through a Symbolist period and around 1918 he became one of the first Belgian abstract painters. Gailliard also lived for some time in Paris. He developed a very personal style that is described as Surimpressionism. Gailliard's themes are very diverse: landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, still lifes and abstract compositions. The artist often incorporated texts into his work. Several Belgian museums have included work by Jean-Jacques Gailliard in their collection.

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