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Maurits Verveer artwork • painting • for sale Fishermen's wives near the fishing boats along the coastline

Maurits Verveer

Fishermen's wives near the fishing boats along the coastline
oil on canvas 38.8 x 54.9 cm, signed l.r. and on the reverse

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 11,000

Provenance: Kunsthandel R. Polak, Den Haag; part. bezit Nederland.
Literature: Sarah de Clercq e.a., 'Schilderku(n)st Scheveningen, van Haagse School tot heden', Scheveningen 2000, pag. 47, 9.
Exhibited: Dit schilderij is als reproductie afgebeeld op een billboard langs een kunstroute op Vlieland, in het kader van het 50-jarig jubileum ‘Water verft’ van Museum Tromps’ Huys op Vlieland, 23 april t/m 20 nov. 2010.

Like his brothers Elchanon and Salomon Verveer, Maurits Verveer was a painter who worked in The Hague. He started out painting pictures and producing wood engravings and together with his brother Sam (1813–1876) painted seaside scenes with boats. Maurits left off painting around 1855 when he discovered photography. At his photo and portrait studio in Wagenstraat, and later in Zeestraat, he took pictures of many eminent contemporaries, establishing his reputation as one of the first photographers in The Hague. He may have resumed painting after 1890.

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