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Jan Jordens artwork • watercolour • drawing • previously for sale Huidenvettersplein, Brugge

Jordens J.G.  | 'Jan' Gerrit Jordens, Huidenvettersplein, Brugge, watercolour on paper 49.9 x 32.6 cm, dated 8/7/'39

Jan Jordens

Huidenvettersplein, Brugge
watercolour on paper 49.9 x 32.6 cm, dated 8/7/'39

This work on paper was previously for sale.

A member of De Ploeg painting group, Jordens trained as a draughtsman in The Hague and Amsterdam, a skill he was to practice with great dedication throughout his life, first in Warffum (1907-1916) and then in Groningen. At the same time, as an artist he had a continual urge to innovate and experiment, which he expressed in a lifelong search for new forms and techniques. Inevitably when De Ploeg was founded in 1918 he instantly became a member of the artists’ society. The colour and presentation of his early work bears a certain affinity with that of Jan Wiegers, even though his palette was generally warmer than that of his fellow Ploeg members. After 1932-1933 he made Cubist type compositions and his work gradually became more abstract.

Jan Jordens | Reclining nude (Leda and the swan), oil on canvas, 20.9 x 50.6 cm, signed u.r. and dated '42

Jan Jordens

painting • for sale

Reclining nude (Leda and the swan)

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